this season, puma released new running shoes ignite, 100 meter sprinter Usain Bolt endorsement for reliable performance of this kind of shoe is considerably. Ignite resilient foam midsole with soft PU conform to the material, bring great cushioning performance and provide energy rebound performance; in addition, in the part of the heel in particular by adding foam ForEverFoam provide shoes best durability. At present, the shoe is available for purchase via Puma online stores or stores, priced 999 yuan. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! Source: Modern Notoriety& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] "fake they do not understand, we are very good quality, not counterfeit and shoddy, anyway, I Taobao opened up to now, a year touch Less than one can experience the true and false. " Cheap air jordans for sale A senior Arab risk with confidence. Make A risk of shoes and classification The A risk does not brag, to help "curious laboratory" test from Wenzhou City, Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection Institute (National Shoes Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) results are evidence of this - a pair of Adidas ZX700 online shopping genuine counter running shoes and in composition, abrasion, folding, help end the peel strength, etc. are almost the same. Putian, Fujian and even the famous shoes city, known as "Chinese shoes are," said, is the world's footwear manufacturing base, many international sports brands in this set off foundries. The "authentic fake shoes" has become synonymous once Putian shoes, seven-step Village, West Geng district, Anfu market is only one of the tip of the iceberg. In local circulating this statement:! Let the world can afford to wear designer said that the world every three pairs of Nike shoes will have one pair of fake money from Putian city has more than 200,000 employees, annual shoe 10 more than one hundred million pairs. Such a la Retro jordans for sale rge special industry, its history of the last century, from the early 1980s to start - because of the proximity to Taiwan, Putian has become the landing point of Taiwan-funded manufacturing enterprises brand-name footwear and moved in the mainland, gradually, footwear industry become a pillar industry in Putian. There are statistics, there are more than 3,000 shoe factories in Putian size, gathered in Putian seven-step, Waring, new degrees, Yellowstone and other places. By the mid-1990s, because of the limited orders, processing profits are low, low raw material and labor costs spawned Putian high imitation shoes on the market. "The beginning is drawing workers to steal imitation, then a pair of shoes like to copy directly, when the peak, every home 'counterfeit factories' workers will be hired to do one or two foundry technical guidance." A long-term sale in Putian shoe machine Yancheng agency said: "Do high imitation of sports shoes, as long as accompanied Used cutting machine, cutting machine, stereotypes machine, an assembly line less than 200,000 ready . Moreover, there cheap jordans for sale is a special shoe factory in Putian, shoes with plants, he did not need a pipeline under one roof. " As for sales, less investment, there is a saying: as long as a room, a computer, two or three people will be able to make up a company. And this shoe is divided into specific categories - ?? Factory assembled Shoes This is a licensed shoe factory OEM excess material in the production or assembly out of substandard materials, the components may not support, such as 41 yards 40 yards shoe soles accompanied. 20 years ago in these shoes more, now almost invisible. ?? gray shoes This refers to the original shoes smuggled abroad, but as more and more Chinese foundry shoes, increasing the amount of this call is actually in name only, especially styles brought back from abroad but now they also, But this is only a handful of. ?? high imitation shoes Such shoes are the most common market, is divided into several grades - ?? 1:1 high fine imitation (also known as Super A) use of materials, workmanship, etc. has been close to the real thing, most people simply do not see, Retro jordans for sale but the prices are high; ?? ordinary shoe boutique A cargo etc. degree of simulation 9 percent, relatively affordable price; ?? B cargo simulation level-less than 7; ?? trade shoes these shoes degree of simulation between the fine imitation of ordinary and high-precision imitation, and shift to overseas mainly sold as genuine. money drop Google ads A take them to earn a pot of gold A lot of Putian take the pot of gold, it is to do foreign trade shoes. In Xuejun Road, Chengxiang District Putian ends, Zhang and his son opened up a special company to do a certain brand of shoes, they had started to do in 2005 Azerbaijan to take, the original selling is "foreign shoes." Previously, Mr. Chang for 20 years in shoe buyer. Putian A risk do "foreign shoes," the first student gathering in the street, through the Google play market. "Google was doing international, we can advertise, then everyone is doing Nike, Adidas, which, we have this industrial resources, the From Google is beginning to make a pot of gold. " Zhang said at the time to take their A routine is suc Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping h that - first to buy back replica model, then make a sales site, and then further to drop Google ads, the site to try to top the export imitation shoes; Genghen, simply copy a direct Nike, Adidas online store official website to counterfeit. "At that time we were looting goods, factory goods one to grab, okay also get shoes." Zhang said, Putian shoe has been for others to do OEM, technology is very advanced, imitation shoes do very True, it may be almost glue, then that is a less polished, but simply do not see the layman, need professional testing. "Even if seen to be false, international logistics can be expensive, so the return rate has been very little." A risk domestic exports become a shoe shop Distributor In 2008, Putian A risk have encountered a major problem - because the crackdown, Google does not advertise on the top of the push. sales blocked, they had to take Afghanistan turned to the domestic market, just this time, Taobao burgeoned in the country. Zhang saw such a myth - a brand shoes, Taobao sales over 1000 pairs a day, the profit is considerable. Thi cheap jordans for sale mens s makes Zhang immediately decided to switch to domestic sales. "China has 1.3 billion people, and I was even a year if I can sell one million pairs of words are very impressive." In the same year, Putian Anfu market opened, because there are inherent network marketing base, plus promote the transformation and upgrading, the local government it intends to fight the largest e-commerce demonstration area in Fujian Province. Thus, hundreds of former students street shoe imitation collective relocation. "We were limited supply on hand, but also see a lot of people in the market to do the distribution Anfu done very well, so then shifted to their own distributors." Zhang said, do move Anfu market distribution, to meet the "climate, geography, and the" three conditions - "day" means a crackdown was severe, network play, where to play, the whole country in the fight; "location" refers to such a market has Anfu; "and" to take them before Putian A is doing "foreign" and on the sales, all of them are experts. The so-called distribution, equivalent agency, is a joint shop sales Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping model - For example, A company, he does not produce shoes, but made from other shoe factories and processing, A shoe company to do is shop page along with the needs of a variety of display pictures of shoes, provided to the respective home shop owner. The shop owner have to do is: day on the Internet and other customer orders, 21:00 after the reunification in getting goods to Company A, and then shipped to Anfu market, West Geng cell such "major transit point" large with logistics, small pieces by courier, sent to the customer hands, clear the entire chain closely. Field Taobao shopkeeper also be extra postage, commissioned by A-shipping company. Lynx does not do the best crown two stars Shop A run shoe supporting industries: Teaches you how to open shop Network distribution model is a technology live, in the first year, Zhang and his son more than 400 million loss. "before in Google, threw a million advertising costs can be earned ten thousand; Taobao not, cast one million advertising costs, even this is not being paid." years of exploration down, Putian A risk were cheap foamposites summed up a lot of network marketing experience - The first is the address. Putian of imitation shoes, well-known, so the store address can not write Putian, to get rid of. followed by the pricing. set the price too high, customers do not buy it; too low, people also feel significantly false; the same pair of shoes, you dozens of pieces of expensive than others, but parents who buy your single. The third just get two stars. Do not play the Lynx, no crown, two love to do the best shop, regular replacement of its name, the event was closed down, the loss is not great. The fourth shop to be more open. sell different brands of high imitation shoes, but also the main push explosion models, additional coupled together cost-effective, the associated sales. In general, the poly cost-effective to sell 100 pairs of shoes, the sales associate can sell three to four pairs. The fifth of parents who can not disclosure. killed said to be authentic shoes, support the inspection counter, fake a compensable ...... These experiences have been openly onto the "Taobao training cheap jordans online school" tutorial, tuition 800 yuan -3999 yuan, courses seven days. market five or six meters away from Anfu, Anfu residential building opposite the gas station on the fifth floor, is "Putian Taobao first training." "Anti investigation, the anti-buckle 24 points, 48 ??points of skill, automatic brush drill, modify rates, maxed money ......" advertising slogan impressively in the head, slightly shabby interior facilities, a living room of about 20 square meters It was transformed into a classroom, more than twenty computers into three rows, students from across the country. In addition to the field of teaching, the school also offers one distance learning, tuition overcharged 500 yuan. Teacher surnamed Chen said that this training has opened four years, many people have come here. "to view Putian imitation shoes, the way to learn skills to sell imitation shoes back, the package will package, many students one day I can sell a two hundred pairs, the annual income of more than 400 million is absolutely no problem." Related ecosystem due shoe derived, also is not limited to Ta cheap jordan shoes for men obao training. "Professional sell real-name authentication Taobao shop", "proxy brush crown", "SMS micro-marketing", similar to the supporting industries throughout Anfu market abound. "open shop easiest to replicate, as long as a person to make money, we all follow suit, relatives and friends will be driven up to join the industry." Zhang said, but now A risk suffering too, in recent years Anfu market crackdown, more stringent than in the past, some people are starting to move out of the market. 2010 year transition Zhang and his son, spent 70,000 yuan buyout a trademark of Italian shoes, began to do their own brands. Three years, the network owner developed into more than 7,000, the average sales of more than 3000 pairs per day. 2013 and heavily invited a host of endorsements from film and television actress transformation, becoming the first celebrity endorsements Putian independent brand shoes. "in transition more than 3 years, pay close attention to how the shoe is not. In fact, we are each doing, and you can not say that Argentina desperately hope, can not say I hope he big up, because the industry is too big You finish one person can make so much money. "Zhang said. Just Anfu market entrance, three 30-story "Golden Mile, Washington" real estate outside the walls have been repainted completed, delivered in May this year, reportedly was sold out an opening to buy the vast majority are shoes boss. 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There is no doubt that the US giant Nike is the biggest loser in this war. NEW YORK, Aug. 17 news yesterday, German local time 8:49, Adidas boss Hainer Stuttgart smiled into a hotel and began the arduous negotiations. There, the German Football Association Xi Ciwei Wange had to wait a long time. topic discussed at the meeting is only one: whether to advance the German Football Association and Adidas contract until 2014. If you choose not to renew it, the German team's players are likely to put the United States very Nike-sponsored jersey in 2011, and that means the German Football Association will receive 50 million euros in annual sponsorship fee. half a century, the German team with players wearing Adidas "three bars" shirt took the World Cup three times. In three hours, the lawyers from Adidas to the German Football Association stated condition adidas can offer. The result is obvious that this is not the time to break up. German Football Association continue to choose Adidas equipment, but will get more sponsorship, digital is clearly beyond the current 22 million euros per year. Next week, the two sides to negotiate in exquisite details. If all goes well, the two sides may have been signed until 2018, instead of the current 2014. next few years, Michael Ballack, Miroslav Klose, Frings, Per Mertesacker Germany will continue to wear the team jersey with three bars to serve their country.